Enjoy Your Own Moment

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not moving fast enough in life? Like everyone else has things sorted and you’re just trying to match up your socks every morning and find time to grab a coffee to keep your brain afloat? self_love1

Yeah..me either…I’ve never felt that way….

Okay lies. I felt that way yesterday.

I blame facebook for my little episode.

I truly think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to share the exciting parts of your life with your nearest and dearest via social media but there are moments that I look at the new babies and engagements and fabulous trips and think….Ugh! Gross! Thank god my life is simple and I’m on my own just taking on the world! Just kidding. I’m really thinking…is my life boring? Will I ever make it past the second date with a guy? Maybe if I put aside 1 dollar every week for 50 years I, too, will be able to afford to go on a fabulous trip like ________. 

The thing about facebook and other social media sites is that they display this glossy photoshopped version of us that’s not necessarily real. They don’t always include the bits in between that get us to those shiny glossy days. The exception to this are those special individuals that post passive aggressive rants or details none of us really needed to know but even then it’s like one big share and compare-fest. We bond over the stuff that collectively pisses us off. It’s like the most connected way to be completely disconnected. Isn’t that weird?quote-your-best-shot-at-happiness-self-worth-and-personal-satisfaction-the-things-that-constitute-real-william-raspberry-286139

Our society is built on this. I totally bought into it. This, I should mention, coming from a fairly introspective person. I saw one life event that made me compare myself to another person and I freaked out about where I am and what I’m doing. My life’s path has been different. I’m in the weeds right now doing some grunt work (that’s metaphorical, I work in an office) and that’s just what it is.

The minute I stop enjoying my own moment for what it is and get sidetracked by someone else’s, is the exact minute I decrease my own value. I think it’s okay to look at other peoples lives and set goals and be inspired, but not to give up the value of what I’m doing and who I am because of it. If I’m so fickle about my career and personal aspirations, why should I expect anyone else to believe in them and me?



2 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Own Moment”

  1. Thanks Rhianna Paige… I needed this today… Going through something myself and feeling life just isn’t fair at times…and guess what…It Isn’t… I like what you’ve written here. I am going to sit here and enjoy my own moment… Love ya…..

  2. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time Wendie. You are such a beautiful person inside and out but remember during those tough times the world is just polishing you up…like a stone into a gem…to make you that much more beautiful! I’m thinking of you ❤

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