Here’s to the Moments

The final contents of a cheap chardonnay tipped precariously into a glass fresh out of the dishwasher. Stainless.

Freshly popped bag of popcorn in my lap with a final dusting of B12 yeast for good measure. Dinner. Just another Wednesday night.

It’s 2014. I’m a twenty something single gal living and working in the city looking for…something…I think it’s actually a continuous (perhaps lifelong) search for passion and inspiration. I’m always looking. I’m always trying to achieve something I can’t quite reach. Maybe it’s better that way. Maybe that’s just life, I don’t know.

I have these moments where I feel like all at once things pause and make sense and are beautiful or touching or totally perfect and I try to scoop up those moments in my hands and stretch them out like dough through one of those pasta makers and sometimes memories work that way but the dough gets thinner the more you stretch it and it fades with the holes that time make in it.

We’re lucky to live in an age where technology captures moments so that they’re never really forgotten through images and film, but nothing truly captures moments like human emotion. I think there’s something magical in that. For me there’s something magical about the way those emotions can transport art into life and make it what it is. Anyone who paints, who writes, who creates knows what I mean. The emotion and the moment moves through you like a tidal wave and it just makes life into something completely else; something more.

These emotions have to come from somewhere. They come from the moments and the people you surround yourself with that make the human experience a worthwhile one. So, in honour of a departing 2013 here are my top 13 highlights.

  1. Trip to Florida with my parents: We rented an enormous villa with a pool and we lived the life in a gated community for a week- just us and the geckos.923130_10100541169634719_1016712252_n
  2. Backstreet Boy concert: I was 12 years old again and Nick Carter was my imaginary boyfriend and magically I knew every word to every song. Two of my very best friends and I sang and swayed and danced and screamed like it was 1999.
  3. Finding out about the engagement of one of my best friends and having her ask me to be a bridesmaid. Few things in life compare to being this happy for someone else. Few things compare to sharing it with them.
  4. Engagement party for above friend and her fiancé. So. Much. Fun.
  5. Facilitating a training session for the first time. I’ve always wanted to teach but have wondered for a while now if it would actually ever be in the cards for me. It seemed not, but someone took a chance on me and pushed me into the spotlight and there I was, center stage and loving it.
  6. Singing in a choir in front of 500 people and the CEO of my company. Nothing like fighting fear.
  7. Dixie Chicks live in concert with my mom. Those girls may not be ready to make nice but I think I kinda like it that way! They’re so feisty and amazing and singing along with the thousands of other screaming loyal fans was just…momentous.
  8. Running my first 5K. Earlier in the year (June was it?) I ran Color Me Rad after joining my first running clinic with the Running Room. What an incredible feeling just to know I could do it. Then, in September I ran another just to prove I could STILL do it. What a feeling.1374074_10100685027851699_1242715705_n
  9. Gentlemen of the Road Tour weekend. I was truly dirtier than I’ve ever been in my life. 4 girls and a weekend in the dirtiest, dustiest field I’ve ever experienced on a sunny weekend in August. This, combined with amazing people and the best music I’ve heard in my entire life made it just such an incredible weekend I can’t believe it.
  10. Spending Christmas day playing the funniest games with the most supportive, hilarious, awesome family a girl could ask for. HOURS of laughing until it hurt and being completely goofy and enjoying the moment with one another.
  11. Discovering food and drink festivals. How did I not even know this was a thing? Not only do you get to mill around and try THE MOST amazing food but you can also get drunk on the cheap! Win win.
  12. St Patrick’s day in my new place with a team of the finest. It started out as a pub crawl but was really just a tour of my two local spots (where they now incidentally know me) with a group of the most amazing people dressed in the most ridiculous St Pat’s wear where the live entertainment played exactly what we wanted. What’s better than that?600350_4572841413460_43511212_n
  13. A 5km run with an amazing girl in -18 degree weather on new years eve because we’re tough like that and a VERY impromptu night that ended up being so fun and relaxed and full of introductions to new people and places.

Here’s to an incredible 2013 filled with these and many more moments that have become memories, with the people that make life worth living. Here’s to a 2014 filled with even more.


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