My First 5K

The craziest little thing happened today- I ran my first 5K. It’s funny because when I joined the running group and started my one minute of walking one minute of running, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do it. Each week our run time has increased by a minute bringing us to 2 minutes of running, one minute of walking, then 3, then 4 and now we’re up to 5. Each week I think I won’t be able to run the next but I do, somehow. Here I am walking around being my own worst enemy when all along there was a little runner just waiting to be released. HA!

So in the lead-up to this 5K I started to think that maybe, just maybe, I could actually pull this off. I looked at the website, I checked out pictures of previous participants throwing coloured packets at each other and generally looking joyful and the running part of it seemed less intimidating. Image

Fast forward to this past Thursday when I woke up feeling like a train wreck. I thought the aches and pains might be courtesy of the run I’d done Wednesday night but as the day progressed and I developed a fever I started to realize my body might be letting me down. I went home early from work Thursday and slept for hours, waking up once in a fevered haze around midnight and then sleeping through the rest of the night. Friday wasn’t much better. I hurried through my to-do list at work, riding the wave of cold and flu meds and the determination to feel better in time for the race.

In all honesty when I woke up this morning I’d done none of the things you’re supposed to do before a race. I hadn’t drank enough water, I ate one chocolate covered almond for breakfast and I took flu and cold medication to get through the day. Okay 5Km is not a marathon, but still, in retrospect I could have prepared a little more. The good news is, I ran my first 5K with one of my best friends- both of us totally decked out in powdered colour and goofy sunglasses. Along the route there were several stations set up to ensure we did not finish the course without being coated in a multitude of colours. The running was tough at times. I think we did the first 3Km without slowing to a walk and I’m pretty proud about that considering 4 weeks ago I’d never actually run willingly in my life (I was the kid with the excuses in gym class). Some of it was uphill and some of it was over gravel but we just kept on keeping on. I think the meanest part of the course was rounding a corner and being able to actually see the finish line, then realizing there were all these twists and bends we had to do to get to it and it wasn’t actually as close as it seemed. Image

I have no idea what our time was. It really wasn’t that kind of race and for my first one I’m glad for it. It was pure unapologetic fun. We crossed that finished line and hugged like they do in the movies and the sky opened up around then in a total downpour and the orange, pink, green, blue, purple, all ran together making us all look like tie dyed hippy children. All 7000 of us. It was incredible. Image

So, naturally, being the overenthusiastic little keener that I am, I’ve already signed up for the next Color Me Rad race in October. I’m going to keep running, I’m going to keep learning and I’m going to keep trying. I’m going to stop being my own worst enemy because it turns out I can actually do it.


5 thoughts on “My First 5K”

  1. Congratulations, Rhianna! You did it!! And all for a good cause! Now, go buy some Oil of Oregano gel caps and get rid of the cold!!! Really, they work!!

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