Interview-365: For Love of Planet, People and Peace

What an honour! I’ve been following this blog along the way and now I’m a part of it! What a great way to kick off my Thursday 🙂


MEIt’s been a few days since I posted an entry. Mostly because I’ve been letting the last one sit at the top for while… hoping that it would be the beginning of an Interview-365 avalanche. The snowstorm is starting slowly, but that is way OK. After all, I don’t think any meaningful community has ever been build in a day… right?

Only four responses to date. I’ll admit, the temptation for discouragement is real. But sitting here at 1:23am, after a day of dealing with life, has left me reflecting upon the responses that we have received thus far. All proving to me that we are on the right path.

So, no worries, we will continue forward… and I am certain in time we will grow to gain the momentum that I am dreaming of. Still, I must ask… and, I promise that I’m not putting a guilt trip on…

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2 thoughts on “Interview-365: For Love of Planet, People and Peace”

  1. Hi Rhianna:
    Happy to see you participated in Interview 365. MIne was number 2, yours was number 3 and my friend, Denise, from Bracebridge may be number 4….
    Hope you get up to see us this summer….


  2. I have to compliment you for all the work you are doing on your blog. Great to know that there are people in the world reaching out as you are. Take care my friend, Richard.

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