Life is Short

Life is sometimes this weird and wonderful series of moments that take your breath away and then it’s one unending knife to the gut after another that makes you wonder how much more you can take. It’s the strangeness of feeling totally and completely content while alone at a table in a café where nobody knows you, or completely alone in a room full of those you thought knew you best.

Life is moments frozen in time; heartache frozen in memory; and laughter frozen in the heart. Life is forever and over in a moment. It’s time and place; everywhere and nowhere at all.

Life in a short voyage

Life is such a different set of everything to everyone but to all of us- regardless of circumstance or situation- it’s fleeting and fragile. Every moment is one more bit of proof that it’s so very important to live to the fullest because in a blink, time could be up.

Appreciate the strangeness and revel in the impossibility of the sense of it all. Surround yourself with all those wise and wonderful and center yourself on the greatness that comes with being loved and cared about by another. Accept that those who choose to be unkind to you are choosing to waste what precious resources they have on something so meaningless.

Love as hard as you can. Live as hard as you can. Be as you as you can. Life is short.


3 thoughts on “Life is Short”

  1. I wasn’t on the mailing list to receive this, but I found it on some random facebook page (ok, your MOm’s!)! Please add me back to your mailing list! This is sad and inspiring at the same time.

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