Like A Fish Out Of Water

Rejoice! The Cleanse has come to an end! I’m both excited and a little nervous because I feel like this loose cannon ready to pounce on the junk food of the world and eat like nobody’s business. I don’t have any idea how a person could do 30 days of this madness. It’s been a journey and an experience but I really just want coffee.

In the spirit of optimism and health here are a few pieces of wisdom I’ve learned these ten days that I’ll impart to you:

  1. Fish oil does not taste good AT ALL even when it claims to be lemon flavoured. Go for the capsules.
  2. Hot sauce and pretty much anything and everything has sugar hidden inside it. READ LABELS.
  3. Life does not begin and end with processed foods. There are alternatives! Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to have to actually cook food every now and then, versus throwing it in the microwave for five minutes and eating who knows what.
  4. Honey is an awesome alternative to sugar. It has cleansing antiseptic goodness to it and if you buy unpasteurized it’s unprocessed. I’ve been eating it but I also used it in a face mask. Recipe: Mash up half an avocado with ¼ cup of honey and leave on face for 10 minutes. AMAZING.
  5. All these little changes we make in life sorta add up. I’m having a hell of a time making bigger commitments in my life but I feel good learning and doing all these little things and I’m realizing how important they are for the health of my mind and body.

A friend posted this quote on facebook this week and it hit me pretty hard because it is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling about pretty much everything in my life and I think the lack of sugar also brought out the more pensive side of me.  The quote is:  “Choosing one path means abandoning others – if you try to follow every possible path you will end up following none.” UM YES! That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m following no path because I’m standing at this weird crossroads looking at about 85 of them and they’re all overgrown and I have no idea how to pave my way.

I never thought of myself as commitment phobic (I picked up and moved to Sweden for a year and prior to that was in a five year relationship) but at this point in my life I’ve become that. I’m stuck. I’m not sure how the cleanse led me to realize this but it did. By not choosing a path I’ve left myself in this weird place that’s neither here nor there and frankly, it sucks. I’ve had a few conversations with people lately about how I’ve turned into this cranky stressed out person (I said that, not them) that just kind of goes about life without passion and despite my upbeat thoughts about turning things around I realize now that the changes haven’t been big enough. I know, as you can imagine I’m the life of every party.

The Naturopath told me once I let myself be myself and live my life based on that, things will start to fall into place. It sounds like she’s oversimplifying but I really got what she meant. I’m resisting being who I am and I put walls up (like I’m sure so many do) and I think in doing so I close myself off from opportunities. In doing this cleanse I consciously opened myself up to learning about my body and myself and about what works and what doesn’t. This is something I want to extend to the rest of my life so that I can move forward, pick a path and start heading down it. As I head down that path I will do so with a latte in my hand because the other thing I learned these ten days is that me, without coffee, is like a fish without water. Ah, life lessons.


2 thoughts on “Like A Fish Out Of Water”

  1. Congratulations!! ok, first of all, why would you waste a good avacado!! And secondly, you shared what you learned with everyone which was very generous — you did all of the work and we learned something! And lastly, I think you are too hard on yourself. I think you should just relax a little and it will fall into place! You are doing ok! That’s my 2 cents again!

  2. To my dear fellow caffeine addict/lover! If this is the only thing you put in your body that your naturopath doesn’t like then rejoice! I love my coffee, caffeine free or super charged. It is something I enjoy and feels good so drink up and cut out something else…..Congrats on sticking with the cleanse – I do know how hard they can be….

    As for being stuck….remember how you felt painting. Try some more and let your mind take you where it may. New neural pathways will begin to form and a path through the brambles and underbrush will emerge….

    See you in August for a fun weekend!


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