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Day 4: Wild One

Alright it’s official, I’ve crossed over to the dark side. Today I was in this insanely good mood. I think I was glowing. I don’t even know why. I blame the cleanse. Something weird is happening to me, and in this moment I’m feeling like I’ve unlocked this great secret or something. Okay I still want sugar and I miss coffee, but my body feels totally amazingly great. I didn’t realize how sluggish I was before and how much I was constantly coming down off a sugar high or perking myself up with caffeine. It made me continuously crave one thing or another like a drug addict in search of my next fix and now…not so much. I’m not like singing and dancing over here or anything but the homemade granola is baking and my house smells like all kinds of awesome.

Tonight I went to the gym for the first time since this all started. I was really starting to miss it and even though I’m not supposed to do it while I’m cleansing I threw caution to the wind. I’m a wild woman, what can I say.

It felt easier and a lot like I actually wanted to be there. Sometimes I drag my butt over there thinking I’ll love it once I’m there and there are times when that is soooo not the case. Today I was like jumping up and down. Okay no I wasn’t, but I was there and I wanted to be so, yay, progress! Truly I don’t have any idea what has possessed me. After the workout I went in the sauna. The girl at the front counter thought I was insane. It’s about thirty degrees outside but I was determined to see this thing through. Those Finnish people were on to something. It was totally relaxing because believe me, not one single other person was remotely interested in being in there, so I was it.

Today I finally started to feel like, hey, I can do this being healthy stuff then laughed because it’s only day four and I have six to go. On the upside- my family tried the granola and said “Wow! This is the most like food you’ve had since you started this thing”. So, I guess it was a hit.


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