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Day 3: Bottoms Up

I felt delightful today. That sentence is actually totally devoid of sarcasm too, which is saying something about my mindset. My body is doing all kinds of weird things now like having skin breakouts and muscle aches for no reason and all that fun stuff, but I only crave sugar and caffeine every other minute instead of every minute so I figure I’m getting somewhere. I feel like some kind of new parent jumping every time the baby burps or hiccups because my body is so haywire. The headache was gone when I got up today and despite the stress at work I think I only snapped at one person and he definitely deserved it.

The guys I work with think I’m absolutely loonie tunes for doing this (one actually used that expression) and they’ve mostly kept a safe distance. The power of a cleanse! Or the power of crazy I’m not sure…

I hit up Goodness Me again today as well. You slap the words “Health Food Store” in front of a building and I’m like a moth to a flame over here. I just can’t help myself. They have so many weird things I’ve never heard of and every person who works there is in this permanent state of euphoric bliss. Like seriously, nicest people ever! I spend my thirty bucks (seriously every time I go in for one thing I spend at least that much) and I come out with a whole new lease on life. Fair deal.

This woman I met there said she pretty much lives on a cleanse diet because she has candida which is apparently some kind of overgrowth of yeast. She then tried to tell me in a raw unsalted form, cashews have a sweet taste. See what I mean about the nutty (ha ha punny) by nature thing from lack of food? She was lovely but I sensed a touch of that. She did however assure me that my emotional reaction on day 2 is completely normal and that it’s part of the phases of a cleanse. Hurray I’m not insane! She also recommended this Stevia stuff that is plant extract and sweet, and will apparently curb the sugar cravings! It’s in this weird bottle and I felt a touch of desperation at the prospect of eating something sweet so it all came across a little illegal or forbidden or something although it is allowed. Of course, I haven’t actually tried it yet but I have the sneaking suspicion it’s not good if she thought cashews are “sweet”.

I also had my first run in with fish oil last night. I’m sure it does wonderful work but if you come across it in liquid form, just say no everybody. Healthy people have this warped idea about what tastes good sometimes because I was told it would be lemon flavoured and “pleasant tasting”. I’m pretty sure licking the outside of a fish isn’t “pleasant tasting” and that’s what I equate it with and I have a whole expensive bottle to get through. Yum. Bottoms up.


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