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Day 2: Nutty By Nature

I’ve seen the show Survivor, like, a handful of times but I’ve seen enough to witness some batshit crazy. I always just thought the people on there were downright nutty by nature, but I’m starting to wonder if the lack of solid food has anything to do with it. Today around my third rage I started to wonder if I had something in common with the crazies. It was about then that the headache kicked in and the anger towards insane little things turned to this overwhelming need to burst into tears.

Apparently I’m stirring up toxins now that we’re on to day two and they are going to come out in any way possible. I feel like this weird storm of emotion and sugar deprivation and the only thing that  makes it feel pretty worth it is that every bit of research I’ve done and every piece of information the Naturopath gave me fits with what I’m describing so I guess I’m on the right track. It’s weird because Day 2 felt so great to start that I skipped straight over the green tea and went straight into water.  I’m a wild woman, I know. I was really more of a woman on a mission until about lunch when a million and one things popped up at work and my coping ability went from functional to shambles.

I eat relatively healthy as it is so I’m not totally sure what my body is missing out on most, but I would act violently for a chocolate bar so I’m thinking sugar might be the answer. Confessional of the day: I cheated with hot sauce. I put it on my dinner when it seemed particularly bland like it was a lifeline, then thought to read the label afterwards. Apparently there’s fructose in there. Who knew? I knew something couldn’t be that delicious without sugar. I ate it anyway. I didn’t eat a lot but I’m not proud. Day 2 and I’m (ch)eating on myself already. Eight more to go…


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Nutty By Nature”

  1. You are doing wonderful. Who cares if you had an ounce (or less) of hot sauce. 😉 Eat that wonderful soup we made last night. I will make something different tomorrow. 😉

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