In the Vault

I think I’m getting old. Last weekend I spent my days antique shopping, garage sale-ing and losing myself in junk shops like I was up for a spot in Canadian Pickers. The fact that I even know what that show is should be proof enough that I’ve embraced my inner geriatric. The crazy tequila-laced nights out have begun to come few and farther between as of late, and I’ve started using phrases like “holy cow!” and “happy as all get out”, although that last one came out after a classic movie marathon so I don’t know that I can be blamed. The point is, I’ve changed. The girl that ran through the airport balancing the contents of her life in three simple bags just last June is certainly not the same one sitting here writing now. Thank goodness, the whole experience left me with something that I think hit me so far to the core it’s clung to me.

While I was living in Sweden, I started to realize the bliss of it all couldn’t last. I had these little moments that would come along and be totally perfect and I would think…remember this…savour this…this moment is perfect and you’ll need it later during the times that aren’t. I’d never had that feeling before. I’ve felt joy during certain moments in my life but never the absolute need to hang on to them like little souvenirs of a life I can hardly believe I’ve lived. For some reason this makes me feel lighter. I’m working a job I never imagined I’d end up in and I’m living with my parents which is not really where I’d thought I’d be at 23. This is not the life the university recruitment people really paint when they entice you in, but turns out those books and that pretty piece of paper I have framed up on the wall are actually pretty expensive. In short, I’m in a place in my life that feels a lot like wheels spinning without actual movement. My appreciation for the little moments or elements of my boring blah everydays has become my movement I guess. I feel like life’s accomplishments sometimes come from this place. I force myself to literally stop and revel in tiny amazing things because without it I’m afraid life will just rush right past me while I’m working on getting somewhere and being someone else.

Hanging on to the little perfectly amazing tiny things in my life also helps me to hang on to myself. What a revelation. I can hear Joey from that 90’s show Blossom in my head going “WHOA” as I type. It makes the trudge seem less trudgey while I figure out what the heck I’m doing. So, I’ve compiled a list of 15 little elements or moments that I’ve noted as worthy of keeping in the vault in recent months. They are:

  1. Thing: Having enough time in the morning to run out and grab the perfect latte before work.
  2. Moment: Rushing through the mason jar aisle in Canadian Tire wondering to myself how you’re supposed to just know how many and what size jars to get to make jam, when a man approached just to tell me he thought I was beautiful and he wanted me to know. I think I walked around with some kind of womanly swagger for the rest of the day. Thank you kind stranger.
  3. Thing: Fatoush salad and really delicious cheap German wine for dinner after a long week.
  4. Moment: Receiving thank you notes and phone calls for the jam I made for everyone who attended the office Christmas party (a follow up to 2). One person even wrote “Smuckers aint got nothing on you!”
  5. Thing: The Hunger Games series. I am in love.
  6. Moment: The first time someone I didn’t know read and commented on my blog. That feeling really never gets old.
  7. Thing: Burning a really amazingly scented candle. I am a candle fanatic. I’ve got cantaloupe going right this moment.
  8. Moment: Arriving at the mechanic shop at 4:52 when they close at 5:00 and having them take my car in for an oil change even though they’ve already shut the lights in the place off in preparation for end of day. Score!
  9. Thing: The perfect patio at café or bar on a warm day.
  10. Moment: Going in to the gym and having the girls at the counter smile and greet me by my first name without looking at my account or anything. I’m a regular! -or to the hot guy coming in behind me I at least appeared like one.
  11. Thing: Any movie based on historical events. This weekend featured The Young Victoria in our house. Love!
  12. Moment: Being taken up in a tiny two-seater plane over the town I’d completed my university degree in, and getting an impromptu aerial view to celebrate.
  13. Thing: Pinterest. Hours and hours wasted there.
  14. Moment: Protecting my heart from past discretions and not allowing myself to remain stuck in the past…without being overly specific ha. Sometimes it feels good to get the walking shoes on and get going.
  15. Thing: The tiny Canadian beer stein salt and pepper shakers I bought at said garage sales. They just make me really happy for no reason.

Do you have a list of perfect little memories of your own?


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