A Little Goes A Long Way

I’m excited to put this entry together because it demonstrates exactly what I mentioned in my last post- the lighter kinder side of the world. Th old cliche ‘when it rains it pours’ aint got nothin on our family. Car accident on Friday morning for me and Saturday we’re out for the day (my mom, my aunt and I) and on our way home from the heart of the city, doesn’t our car decide to break down. This was not the same car involved in the accident which only meant my bruised and battered car was recovering in the driveway while my mom’s car put itself out of commission entirely. Not an awesome couple of days. None of that is really the light part though- just the back story.

So there we were  sitting on the road with flashers on as my mom tried again and again to bring the struggling machine to life. One man pulled up beside us to let us know our four-ways were on. Very helpful. The fact that we were also stopped dead in the middle of a busy road apparently didn’t occur to him as strange- just the four-ways. We told him our car broken down. He said “okay” and drove off. We’ll blame that one on lack of intelligence (?).

So we sat contemplating who to call and what to do. Traffic streamed around us, some staring curiously at the idiots blocking the road but nobody actually stopping….until our knight in blue metal pulled up beside us. “Did your battery die on you?” he shouted over the sound of his own healthy purring engine. We didn’t think it had because we still had lights but he told us he’d help push us off the road first and then try to boost us. We scrambled out of the car as he parked in a car lot nearby. A young guy walking by on the street yelled across “did your car die? Do you need help pushing?” and came over to aid in the effort. So it went, they pushed, I steered. We coasted perfectly into a parking lot to the left, out of the bustle. It was only then that I looked over and realized our knight in blue metal had two small children in his car, buckled into their car seats in the back, bundled in cocoons of pink and white snow gear. One smiled and waved as she waited patiently like it was just another day on the playground. He tried to boost us but our car sputtered and choked, unwilling to come to life. Reluctant to leave us stranded he advised us to call a tow truck and left as we made our way through the list of local companies, hoping to find someone to rescue us from freezing temperatures. The fifth company promised to help us out but twenty minutes later admitted they were just too busy  to get to us.

At this point our toes had lost all feeling and we laughed nervously about feeling sleepy and joked about the first signs of hypothermia. Okay slightly dramatic I know, but it was cold and we had a lot of time to kill. We tried some more and found a local company willing to come to us immediately. Ten minutes later we were loading into the back of a tow truck as he hooked up and hoisted the sleeping metal into the air. Our driver joked and chatted away the whole ride there and when he delivered our car at the local garage, and insisted us on driving us  home (which was a relief to me after my mom told me we’d have to walk- no way!). He gave us all business cards and even wrote his personal number on it so we could call him directly in the event of an emergency. We offered him a tip which he at first turned down and only hesitantly accepted. He may have been paid to do so but he’d rescued us and then of his own accord cheered us with happy chatter and driven us home. A little goes such a long long way.

We took ourselves out for dinner after this. We definitely earned it. Our waiter just happened to be completely adorable and charming and funny and teased and joked with us as we ordered our meals. He said my fish and chips seemed small so he threw in an extra piece of fish free of charge. After he was WELL out of earshot I told my mom to meet her new son-in-law because that right there was grounds for marriage.

So, it’s been a rough couple of days filled with lots of tears and doubts and frustrations, but it’s also been filled with little moments of perfection, laughter, everyday heroes performing random acts of kindness and a couple learned lessons. The small ways we help one another for no reason are what make this life shine a little brighter and each day worth a little more.


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