Infinite Possibilities?

So it’s a new year. How’d that happen? It’s not like 2012 showed up unexpectedly it just feels like I’ve lived at least 4 lives in 2011 and then it was gone in a flash. I was a traveler living in Sweden taking trips like it was my J.O.B. I was a bum, sitting on my parents’ couch pondering life’s next adventure. I was a volunteer working to gather together some volunteer hours in the classroom. And now, I am a receptionist and a detailer at an engineering company. There’s been so much change that I don’t know what to do with stagnant anymore.

Stagnant? Is that the right word for a life in the slow lane on the highway? The secure life with a job that provides a steady income and benefits and stability? How funny that at this most stable time in my life I feel more unsteady than I ever have- like I’m balancing on a tight-rope over a direct drop to nowhere at all. When I lived in Sweden and I traveled and met new people, I feel like I had more to tell them about who I am than I do now. It’s funny that when you take that leap to the world of working and commuting and just generally being a grownup, you become what you do. It’s actually made me more confused than ever because at this crossroads in my life I’m wondering who I want to be… How is it that at the age of 23 when I figured I had this sorted out, I’m sitting back wondering what I want to be when I grow up? Not only that but I’m wondering who I want to be and that’s even scarier!

I was optimistic about 2012 bringing new and wonderful things. Maybe it will. For now I just have so many unanswered questions. I guess that means the opportunity for infinite possibilities is upon me. In the meantime I need to come up with a plan.

I’ve also come up with with a few new years resolutions to complete just for funsies (and to help me figure out what steps I can take to become whatever and whomever it is I want to be)…

1. Eat healthy and hit the gym min. 3 times/week

2. Put a memory/ recipe book together for the family and in honour of my grandma

3. Write in this blog at least once/week

4. Read 50 books and write about/review them on here.

5. Go on a road trip to somewhere new.

Happy New year!


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